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Organize multiple agendas with one powerful tool!

Dentem Dx Vision
What is Dentem?
Patient dental records stored securely

Take care of your patients records.

Two way SMS and email communication with all your patients, lowering miss appointments and notifing patients to come on time. Giving them the flexibility to book the upcoming appointment on their own!

Upload X-Rays use Dx Vision.

Dentem has proven that it can lower patients missentries up to 32%. According to our clinics we have concluded that Dentem Scheduler is one of the most efficent front dest tools for the modern dental practices.

Eletronic Dental Records with X Rays Dentem Web Platform
Dentem public clinic profile on the web app

Create and edit treatment plans.

Dentem is the world’s only truly mobile first, easy to use dental practice management application and web based software that will actually save you money and time.

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Including all the features from Dentem Scheduler.

Whether you’re using the iPhone, iPad app or accessing your calendar from your computer, Dentem works in sync to keep you ahead of schedule.

For full control, check out Dentem Proffesional!

Take full control of your practice!

Multiple practice managment, Financial projections and results, book keeping and inventory tracking.

Eletronic Dental Records with X Rays Dentem Web Platform